Drain clearing, High Pressure Water Jetting & 24 Hour emergency service (no call out charge)

High Pressure Water Jetting:

This will clear Drains and Downpipes in no time at all. It’s the modern equivalent of the old drain rod system. The High pressure hose can travel for a considerable distance inside your drain, effectivly clearing everything in its path.

Colour CCTV Drain Surveys

As you might expect, this system is used  for more serious drain problems. Our camera is inserted into your drain and sent on a fact finding mission. It will relay colour video to the monitor installed in our mobile unit so that you can see exactly what’s wrong and,if required, this can be recorded to DVD for your records. This is useful when there has been a collapse of the drainage system. The camera pinpoints the exact location so that excavation can begin at exactly the right spot.

24 Hour Emergency Service

 We provide a full emergency service on our mobile number: 0788 0937 551